Jewellery design in Namibia

“When I came to Namibia in 2001, I was so excited to see the difference to my work in Germany were I was trained. There are so many different influences in our designs. Namibia has a population of 2,5 million people, who are divided into 12 major ethnic groups, and more than 15 spoken languages.

Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, approximately 3 people per square meter. That makes it an amazing nature experience with vast landscapes and delightful wildlife. Sometimes just looking at the shape of the mountains or the lines of the dunes drawn by the wind inspire a piece of jewellery.

Also special are the materials we work with, besides precious metals and stones. These include wood, porcupine quills, giraffe or elephant hair and ancient ivory buttons (called Ekipa from the Oshiwambo tribe) and “Omba” shells (traditionally used by the Owambo and Ovahimba tribes in Namibia.

We are sitting at the source of everything jewellery design needs. Namibia has the best quality diamonds mined from the land and the sea. A large variety of precious colour stones are found here as well as gold. Namibia is full of inspiring beauty, in its nature and people. This country makes jewellery design explosive and exciting.”

Simone Canto