About us

We are André and Simone Canto

Both of us are trained goldsmiths and jewellery designers. As the second generation of this family business, and with more than 25years of experience we can offer you the perfect atmosphere to choose your piece of jewellery or discuss ideas for your one-of-a-kind bespoke piece. All parts of the work are done in house, which enables you to witness the process if you like. Our shop and workshop are open from Monday to Saturday and you are welcome to browse through our collection on display, ask any questions or see us work in the workshop.

Our Philosophy

Jewellery with a Meaning

Even though the changing colours or shapes of fashion influence jewellery a bit, there are no real trends in precious jewellery. Uniqueness and personality plays a far bigger role in jewellery design. A piece of jewellery should always underline the personality of the wearer.

Africa in our Design

Full of colours, light, sounds, textures, patterns, diversity of cultures, people, landscapes and animals.

We would like to take you on a journey with us and try to give you an impression how we experience Namibia with all our senses and how that inspires us to make jewellery the way we do it.

Commission Process

Wearing jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive

When you decide to have a piece made, we will work on the style through sketches. We can than define the potential materials, offering choices of precious metals and stones. This process in important because it allows the client to get the feel of the materials and envision how the piece will be when it is complete.

The Craftsmanship

Our trade exists for centuries

Both of us have studied in South Africa and in Europe. We have learned old and new techniques of jewellery making.


The company Canto Goldsmith and Jeweller was founded in 1955 by my parents Hans Jürgen Canto and Dorothee Canto.

Milestones in our Career

We enjoy making jewellery that lets us think out of the box like taking part in competitions and making big pieces like mayoral chains.