Commission Process

‘Wearing jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive.’

Usually there is a whole story behind the decision to have a piece of jewellery made, and it is usually an emotional one. May it be a birthday, an engagement or wedding, the birth of a child, the graduation or the 80th birthday of a loved one. All milestones in our life stories. We are happy to help you manifest those special moments into a piece of jewellery that will keep those memories alive forever.

It will start with an initial chat either over the phone or via email. Since this is such a personal thing, we prefer a one on one conversation in the store with the client/s. That way we can explain the different materials and their individual uniqueness to you. You can bring your own designs or under your guidance, we can draw out the designs for you. Maybe you like something that we have on display, but would like to have some changes done? That is also an option.

When you decide to have a piece made, we will work on the style through sketches. We can than define the potential materials, offering choices of precious metals and stones. This process in important because it allows the client to get the feel of the materials and envision how the piece will be when it is complete.

Once the design is confirmed, the manufacturing process can start.