The Craftsmanship

How the Jewellery is made

Both of us have studied in South Africa and in Europe. We have learned old and new techniques of jewellery making.

Our trade exists for centuries. Already in 5 000 BC there were goldsmiths in Europe making jewellery for church and royalty. Jewellery and artefacts made from Gold, Silver and included precious stones that are even older, were found in the Andes from the Aztec civilization.

Also Jewellery and artefacts made from gold were found in Egypt, West Africa and most parts of Asia especially India and China, which were even older than the European pieces. Much of these pieces of the old days hold unimaginable beauty and were made with such intricate detail considering the tools they had at that time. The techniques used were of true Craftsmanship.

We are still using some of the old techniques and tools that the goldsmiths used thousands of years ago.  That is actually the main base of our work, nowadays enriched by modern casting or computerized techniques. This paired with the artistic freedom that we have in our time, makes jewellery that is expressive, individual and of everlasting value.

The change of jewellery throughout the centuries went from prestige object to an artistic expression of the wearer’s personality.