Designed to last a lifetime.

‘Jewellery with a Meaning’

Our contemporary bespoke jewellery pieces are mostly made once off. That’s why this gallery serves as an “INSPIRATIONAL GALLERY”. Some of the pieces were made for and already sold to customers all over the world. But it is always possible to design something similar for you. However, some of the pieces are available at our studio. Please contact us to find out.

African Inspired

Full of colours, light, sounds, textures, patterns, diversity of cultures, people, landscapes and animals.

Jewellery design in Africa

Nelson Mandela said once” A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.
We are creative dreamers. Being such in Namibia means that those dreams are just more colourful and divers then elsewhere. Namibia is among the most magical places on earth for creative minds and we are blessed to live here. We would like to take you on a journey with us and try to give you an impression how we experience Namibia with all our senses and how that inspires us to make jewellery the way we do it.