Founded in 1955

“The company Canto Goldsmith and Jeweller was founded in 1955 by my parents Hans Jürgen Canto and Dorothee Canto.

As I child, I grew up playing with precious stones as well as observing how my father worked and once I was old enough to embark on my own journey I decided to study Fine Arts ‘specializing in Metal Technology’ at the Stellenbosch University. Some years after that I went to Germany to pursue my masters in goldsmithing, and it was there were I met my wife Simone Canto.

Simone learned the profession in Germany. After she finished her exams, we took over the company from my parents in 2003. Simone and I complement each other very well in finding answers for artistic as well as for technical questions. “It is very special to be able to work together in creative processes.”

André Canto

The late  Hans Jürgen Canto

André & Simone Canto