Where the desert meets the Atlantic

Why Namibian Diamonds?

The environmental impact is kept minimal compared to conventional mining. Regular environmental studies take place.

Namibian diamonds are conflict free: There are no political conflicts within Namibia. Also no conflicts with people or animals occur because the diamonds are mined in an area where the sea shore meets the desert and was least inhabited.

The diamond pipeline generates an income for Namibian people. Mining, research, trading, cutting and jewellery making gives young Namibians an opportunity for training and income generation.

Diamonds & us

Whenever possible we source our diamonds from Namibia, others from different southern African countries. But for special wishes we are in contact with diamond companies all over the world to source special natural-coloured diamonds, unusual shapes or sizes.

Diamond history in Namibia

A little more than a century ago in May 1908, loose alluvial diamonds were first found in beach sediments near the small town of Lüderitzbucht…